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How To Activate NetSpend Card? Your Ultimate Guide 2022

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  • 13 Jul, 2022

This is the era of contactless payments. And when it comes to contactless payment, it is important to talk about Netspend Prepaid cards. Why? Because Netspend card comes with a number of benefits such as it requires no minimum balance, no credit check, and payment to activate or order a brand new Netspend card. All-round benefits are for sure with a Netspend card. But, in order to avail of all the benefits, it is important to learn how to activate Netspend card.


Just to be very clear, when people ask, “How do I activate my Netspend card online”, they usually might have two meanings. First, how to activate Netspend prepaid cards on a phone or website? Secondly, how to activate a Netspend card without SSN? If you have these questions in your mind then this post is for you as we are going to answer all questions about Netspend card activation. In case your concern is something else then you can contact us directly to get help.  


How do I activate my Netspend card online? 

Thankfully, there is more than one online method to activate your Netspend card. You can use your Netspend mobile app or if you wish, you can navigate to the Netspend official website. Both methods are simple and straightforward. If there is something that you need to add life to your card then it is an internet connection. In case you don’t have access to an internet connection then consider contacting the Netspend customer service and get help.


Activate a Netspend card on phone 

Using a Netspend mobile application has many advantages. Apart from activating your Netspend Prepaid card you can send, receive, and manage money in just a few simple taps. In addition to that, you can change your card settings and get access to your payment history. So, before everything else, go to the Google Play Store or App Store and download the Netspend mobile app. Then, follow these steps:

  • So, as a first step to activate your card, open the Netspend app.  
  • Tap the “Activate Netspend” tab.  
  • Now enter your Netspend card number and security code to manually activate your card.
  • In order to activate your card, automatically tap the “Scan” button to scan your card using your phone’s camera.
  •  After that, Netspend will prompt you to enter your email id, username and create a password.
  • To ensure you can recover your Netspend account, here you will be allowed to set up a security question.
  • Now comes the most important step as you need to create your 4 digit PIN for your card for cash withdrawal at ATM and all types of payments.
  • Enter your name, home address, zip code, d.o.b, and social security number.  
  • Accept the terms of services and proceed to activate your card and use it.


How can you activate your Netspend card on the website? 

 The high level of simplicity is quite evident from the fact that the Netspend card could be activated via the Netspend official website. If you have not been successful in activating your Netspend card using a mobile app then worry not. You can do the same using the official website of Netspend. Below are the stepwise instructions:     

  • Firstly, navigate to the Netspend website.
  • From the top right corner select “Activate Netspend card”.
  • “Ready to activate your new Netspend card” pop-up will come to your view.
  • Now enter the card number, security code, and then tap “Continue”.  


How to activate Netspend card without SSN?

So, you want to activate your Netspend card without a Social Security Number. Well, if so, then believe me you are not alone who want to learn, if possible, how to activate Netspend Prepaid Card without id. Well, this question is quite common among those who are Non-US citizens. 


Actually, what is more important to understand is the fact that in order to activate all types of debit, credit, and prepaid cards the use of ID is important. And an SSN is the widely accepted ID proof all across the US. So, does it mean anyone who has no SSN can’t activate his/her Netspend card? The answer is – No.


Gladly, it is possible to activate a Netspend card with SSN. How? By using Government-approved id. That’s to say that if you have any valid and approved Government Id proof then you certainly can activate your card. More specifically, you can use your Alien Registration Number which is a combination of 7 to 9 numerical numbers. You can find your Alien Registration Number on your immigration documents.


Important Note: You aren't required to have an SSN or any other kind of ID to activate your Netspend gift card.    


                             FAQs About Netspend Card Activation


Do I have to activate my Netspend card?

Yes, you have to activate your Netspend debit card. Due to security reasons, Netspend sends an ineffective debit card to the cardholders.


Can I use my Netspend card right away?

No, until and unless you activate the Netspend card you can’t spend or withdraw money from your reloadable prepaid Netspend card.


Why is my Netspend card not activating?

If you have tried everything but are unable to activate a card then the chances are high that you are, unknowingly, violating the terms of Netspend. Make sure you are 18 years old or more and have a valid and Government-approved id. Plus, do confirm your email id and phone number by receiving the security code.

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How to activate Netspend card under 18 & without an ID?

Unfortunately, a Netspend card is made for only adults who are 18 or more. Anyone who is less than 18 can’t activate a Netspend card. Moreover, anyone who has no ID can’t activate his or her Netspend card

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