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How to delete NetSpend Account? Deactivate NetSpend Account

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  • 3 Jun, 2022

How do I deactivate Netspend account? Learn here. 

There is no doubt that NetSpend is doing everything to be as thriving as a traditional bank. And it may be true in many senses as well. There is the NetSpend direct deposit, NetSpend prepaid card, and even budgeting tools. Yet, when you take a closer look, things are not exactly as they seem to be. Thousands of users are complaining about the hefty charges on transactions and late payments. They are truly disappointed, and as a last resort to their miseries, they have eventually turned away from NetSpend. 

Assuming you are here for the same reason, and you want to learn how to delete a NetSpend account. Firstly, you should know that every dark cloud has a silver lining. If you have decided to delete your NetSpend account because of facing inconveniences with the App, then first try to contact the NetSpend customer service. They can evidently help you get to the root of the problem. Secondly. Once you delete your NetSpend account, know that there is no going back. Because the moment your NetSpend account is deleted you can no longer access it again. Ever. 

So, before we begin by instructing you on the process, there are a few things you should ensure in advance. 

Everything you should know before you Deactivate NetSpend account?

If the process of deleting a NetSpend account seems to you much like rocket science. Then, in that case, think of us like Elon Musk. There is no denying that deleting a NetSpend account is indeed not easy at all. In fact, if you don’t know the proper process, you can end up wasting plenty of your time and still go nowhere. Here are some things to be aware of when deleting a Netspend account.

  • No Balance on your NetSpend account 

There should be no balance in your NetSpend account. In other words, your NetSpend balance should be Zero. To empty your NetSpend balance, you can either withdraw money from ATM using your NetSpend card, or you can make a NetSpend to NetSpend transfer. 

Keep in mind that the NetSpend ATM withdrawal fee is $2.25 and the ATM service provider may charge an additional $3-$4 dollars per transaction. The other option is to make a NetSpend to NetSpend transfer. You can also make online purchases with your NetSpend card to transfer money. 

  • No overdraft or Negative Balance

Make sure that your NetSpend card balance is not negative and that there is no overdraft. If your account balance is below zero, then you will not be able to deactivate your account. If present, you have to clear any negative balance and overdraft to delete your NetSpend account with success. 

  • There should be no dispute on your account

If there is an ongoing NetSpend account dispute or if you have your account restricted, then also you will not be able to delete your NetSpend account. To delete your account, you first need to solve any conflicts with the NetSpend customer service. 

How to delete a Netspend account

Here is something unusual that not many people know. There are no steps involved in deleting your NetSpend account. Once you have emptied your account, cleared all dues and overdrafts, resolved the disputes, and finally move on from NetSpend as your virtual bank, there is only one thing left to do. If your decision is as hard as a rock, then you must now contact the NetSpend customer service. You can contact NetSpend support by either calling on 18663877363 or via email at You need to send them an email specifying that your NetSpend account is no longer in your need and you want to permanently delete this account. You will then receive an email from them for verification. Following the verification, you will receive another email specifying that your account was deleted. 


To sum up, the answer to “How to close a NetSpend account?” can be well elaborated into many things which you must first do to delete your NetSpend account. You must ensure that there is no balance in your account. Also, no overdraft or negative balance should be there. In addition to that, there should be no ongoing dispute in your account. First, you must resolve it with NetSpend customer support. Finally, you need to contact the NetSpend customer service via an email at The alternative way is to call customer service at +18663877363. This was a guide on how to delete a NetSpend account, we hope you found this helpful.

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