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How to Order NetSpend Card Online For Free

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  • 24 May, 2022

Think about this for a moment, the number of credit card users has declined gradually over the years. This is simply because people are sick and tired of the heavy fines and charges imposed on credit cards. In 2022, people are gradually shifting towards other cards, and among those cards, there is the beloved NetSpend card. Don’t believe me? The biggest upside of NetSpend is that there are no hidden charges, no minimum balance and no foreign transaction fees. That is why a NetSpend card is also known as the “Pay more and Save more” card.

You or anyone can order NetSpend card for free. You heard that right! There is no cost for ordering and activating a NetSpend card. How can anyone beat that? If you are still in shock and confusion, and a little bit suspicious of how a prepaid card can be so perfect, we are here to clear all your doubts.

Be warned: After reading this blog you might not want to use your credit card at all and will order a NetSpend card right away.

Is ordering a NetSpend card free?

  • Ordering and activating a NetSpend card are absolutely free and are basically child’s play.
  • And as if that’s not enough, users do not need to pay any activation charges. 
  • There is no credit check needed and no minimum monthly balance required.
  • Also, let’s get this straight because NetSpend is not a credit card, there are no late fees or interest imposed on your NetSpend card.

If you do not have a NetSpend card you are really just robbing yourself of countless luxuries which are basically a few clicks away. Assuming, we have now reached a point where you desperately want to order NetSpend card but don’t know how to? Don’t worry. Read this blog further to learn how to order NetSpend card free.

How do I order new NetSpend card?

To begin ordering a NetSpend card online, you need first to select which NetSpend prepaid card you want to get. Now you may be looking for the best NetSpend prepaid card, however, that will not solve the problem. There is no doubt that the best NetSpend card is not the one offering the most benefits, but the one that meets all of your requirements. There are four prepaid cards offered by NetSpend. They are categorized by; the NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card and the NetSpend Prepaid Mastercard.

Are you ready to order your brand new NetSpend card? Let’s begin.

  • Open your browser and visit the NetSpend website.

Open the browser on your device. In the search tab, type in and press enter.

  • Select “Sign Up Now”.

On the top right-hand side, you will find the option of Signing up labelled as “Sign Up Now”. Select that.

  • Fill out the information form.

It is time to provide your information on the next page. This includes just your basic information like first name, last name, and address.

Click on continue, and follow the on-screen instructions to get your NetSpend card. When you are done applying for a NetSpend card, you will receive it through mail at your address.

That’s right. All there is left to do is to activate your NetSpend card which is hardly a matter of minutes. Just visit the NetSpend website, and click on “Activate Card”. Enter your card details and your Security number. Your NetSpend card is good to go. 

But one of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. And the same is with the NetSpend card. You can use your NetSpend card for all payments and purchases, online and in-person. But there is one itsy-bitsy catch with NetSpend, there is a withdrawal limit of $1000 each day. And you can withdraw only up to 3 times per day. Now the dreading questions may come to your mind. Our hard-earned money, that we can’t even have full access to either?

Annoying, isn’t it? So, do you want to learn how you can increase this limit? The answer lies in more than one NetSpend card. We know what you might be wondering.

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Can you have 2 NetSpend cards?

Here is the exciting thing: each person can have a maximum of 5 NetSpend cards. That means 5 times the benefits and 5 times more savings. But to have 5 NetSpend cards you also need to open 5 NetSpend bank accounts.

Ending words

By now you must have realized how easy it is to order NetSpend card. There are many things you can do with a NetSpend card that you can do with a credit and debit card. Set up a NetSpend direct deposit, and receive your tax refunds up to two days faster. Order a NetSpend card easily on the NetSpend website, receive it, activate it and enjoy the magnificent indulgence of your finances.

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