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NetSpend Card Balance: Add And Check NetSpend Card Balance

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  • 4 May, 2022

Keeping a check on your NetSpend card balance means that you can keep an eye on your funds. The magic of the NetSpend prepaid card is that you only have access to the funds available on the card. Unlike a credit card, a prepaid card helps you manage your budget and limit your spending.

NetSpend prepaid cards are achieving a new height of success among Americans. Most young adults in the US are shifting to prepaid cards from credit cards.

Prepaid cards have become one of the best ways of keeping a track of your purchases and helping people save money. Yet, a prepaid card can be used for making purchases almost everywhere online or in-store.

The NetSpend prepaid card helps in the easy managing of your funds. You can enrol for a direct deposit with your employer and receive your funds two days earlier than payday. But a prepaid card comes with a predetermined value. You can only spend this determined amount and once the balance is over; more money needs to be reloaded.

 How to add balance to NetSpend card?

There are multiple ways of reloading the balance to your prepaid card.

  • Direct Deposits:

Set up a direct deposit from your employer or payroll provider. With NetSpend direct deposit, you can receive your funds electronically and up to two days faster. Not just payrolls, with direct deposit you can also get tax refunds, pensions, and social security checks directly into your card account.

  • Bank transfer

The simplest way of adding funds to your NetSpend card is through a bank transfer from a qualifying U.S. bank account. You can use your savings or checking account or debit card to add money to your NetSpend card account.

  • NetSpend reload centre

You can visit the nearest NetSpend reload center in your area and add more funds to your NetSpend account. There are around 130,000 NetSpend centers in the United States of America.

  • PayPal

Money can be added to your NetSpend card by transferring from your PayPal account. This way is very similar to a bank transfer but requires you to log into your PayPal.

After you add the balance to the NetSpend card, you need to check the NetSpend card balance. And there are four ways to check your NetSpend card balance.

How to check your NetSpend card balance?

Here are the ways of checking your NetSpend Prepaid card balance:

  • NetSpend online account login

You can check your NetSpend balance through the NetSpend online account center. Once you are logged in, you will be able to check your balance, make deposits and manage your funds easily.

  • NetSpend anytime alerts

NetSpend account balance can also be checked by signing up for the NetSpend anytime alerts. With anytime alerts, you can receive SMS alerts showing your NetSpend card balance after each transaction or purchase you make.

  • Call NetSpend toll-free number

One more way of checking your NetSpend balance is by calling the toll-free provider behind the NetSpend card. This service will cost you around $0.50.

  • Check NetSpend balance at ATM

Another way of checking your NetSpend card balance is visiting a participating ATM located in the U.S.

All you need is to take your card to a participating ATM and follow the on-screen instructions to check the balance of your NetSpend card. ATM charges may apply.

You can also check your NetSpend card balance online with the help of the NetSpend Mobile App or the NetSpend website. Just log in to your NetSpend account. You can also use the NetSpend Mobile App to send and receive money, upload checks and find the nearest NetSpend reload location.

In Conclusion  

NetSpend prepaid cards can be a trustworthy friend if you wish to save money and limit your spending. It is also the best alternative to debit and credit cards. Your NetSpend credit card can be used to make all your purchases from anywhere.

Once the determined value of your card is over, you need to add more balance to it. You can add balance to your NetSpend card through online bank transfers, or by visiting the NetSpend reload Centres and direct deposits.  PayPal is also one of the ways of transferring funds to your NetSpend card.

And if you wish to check your NetSpend card balance, you need to log in to your NetSpend online account or call on the toll-free NetSpend number. You can also sign up for NetSpend anytime alerts to receive notifications for transactions with balance after each purchase or transaction. 

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