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NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card: Activate NetSpend Card and Reload

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  • 16 May, 2022

Are you looking for a prepaid card? Is NetSpend your top priority? Then you have been directed to the right place. Because in this blog we are going to tell you how you can order a NetSpend card, activate a NetSpend card, and when you run out of balance, reload a NetSpend card. 

How to order NetSpend card?  

Lucky for you, you have chosen the right prepaid card provider. NetSpend is the easiest and most convenient prepaid card of all time. You can apply easily, activate easier, and reload most easily. How to apply for a NetSpend card easily:

  • Visit the NetSpend website.

Open your browser and in the search bar type “”.

  • Click on “Sign Up”.

On the landing page, you have to enter your details like Name, Address, and email. Proceed with the signup. When your sign up is done, a few days later you will receive your NetSpend prepaid card after a few days. The further step is to activate your prepaid card.

So, you finally got yourself the famous NetSpend prepaid card? And are you excited to pay less and save more? The first thing you need is to activate NetSpend card. The best part about the NetSpend card is that you don’t need approval, unlike a credit card. All you need to do is apply for a NetSpend card on their official website, and they will ship you a personalized card. After that, all there is left is to activate your prepaid card.

Everything and anything you can do with a credit or a debit card, you can do with a NetSpend card. However, only when you do your NetSpend card activation can you gain access to making purchases and paying for bills with it. Fortunate of you, in this blog, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how you can activate your prepaid card.

How to activate NetSpend card?

Once your NetSpend card arrives at your address, you need to take a note of your card credentials. Then, proceed with the steps of activating your NetSpend card:

Activate NetSpend card using the website

  • Visit NetSpend website

Open your browser and visit the official NetSpend website at

  • Press “Activate Card”

On the top right-hand side, you will find a button labelled “Activate Card”.

  • Enter your details

You will need to fill in your card credentials in the respective columns on the landing page. You will need your card number and security number. Click on continue. Going on the next page you are required to fill in your date of birth and address.

  • Login to the portal

Follow the on-screen instructions and put in your Login ID and password.

When you are done, you will have successfully activated your NetSpend card.

How to use NetSpend Prepaid Card?

When you order NetSpend card, you are provided with a list of retail outlets, gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores where your card will be accepted just like any other prepaid or credit card. And there is a designated ATM network where you can withdraw money using your NetSpend card from your NetSpend account. Out-of-network ATMs may charge withdrawal fees.  

You can use your NetSpend card for online purchases and in-person purchases at stores and shops. NetSpend cards can also be used for making international purchases with zero foreign transaction fees. And once your balance is over, you need to add more balance or reload the NetSpend card to continue with your card usage. There are many ways of adding balance to a NetSpend card:

  • Reload location: There is more than 130,000 present across the U.S. You can visit these reload centres and add more balance to your NetSpend card. Some of these stores may charge a reload fee of up to $4.
  • NetSpend direct deposit: you can set up a direct deposit to your NetSpend card. The NetSpend direct deposit offers early access to your money for up to 2 days. You can set up a direct deposit through your employer or payroll provider. You can use this direct deposit for tax refunds, social security benefits, pensions, etc.
  • Bank transfer: Add money to your NetSpend card using your savings or checking account. Simply, add your NetSpend prepaid card as your external bank account and transfer money from your bank to your NetSpend account. Some banks may charge a transaction fee, which is predetermined by the bank itself.
  • PayPal to NetSpend transfer: The process of transferring money from your PayPal to your NetSpend account is the same as a bank transfer. Just add your NetSpend as an external bank and start making transfers.

NOTE: Purchases through NetSpend will make you earn rewards but they cannot increase or build a higher credit score. Many people confuse a NetSpend prepaid card with a NetSpend credit card. NetSpend is a prepaid card company and not a credit card provider.

In Conclusion

A NetSpend prepaid card is hands down, one of the best-prepaid cards you can get. With easy card application, easy activation and easy reload, NetSpend offers a maximum number of benefits and a minimum number of provisions. Activate NetSpend prepaid card, and use it for all your purchases with zero transaction fee.

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